The Award categories will be as follows:

1. Rising star broker

Who with less than 3 year’s Cyber broking experience has impressed their market peers the most? Our survey segments participants by how many years they have been in the market and can therefore pinpoint the top risking talent.

2. Rising star underwriter

Who can claim to be the best up-and-coming underwriter in the City? The unique Cyber Rankings process will give us the definitive answer.

3. Cyber law firm of the year

There can be no innovative products without first-class legal service providers helping to bring them to market. For this reason we have decided to recognise the importance of the legal community to the development of the Cyber offering and name the firm that has added the most value to the cyber class in 2018.

4. Cyber risk service provider of the year

This category is designed to recognise the unsung heroes of the Cyber marketplace. Pre- or post-loss the market relies on technical specialists for its smooth running and continued growth. Perhaps a company has produced a valuable underwriting tool, or a novel and efficient method of identifying or remedying cyber security problems? Or maybe it is the go-to technical adjuster for extraordinarily complex major losses? It doesn’t matter – if it is providing exceptional service this is where that will be captured and honoured.

5. Cyber innovation (underwriting)

Innovation is what the Cyber market is all about, so here we want to recognise an underwriting initiative or new product launched in the last two years that has broken boundaries in terms of innovation and increased the size and scope of the market.

Perhaps it challenged the market status quo or pushed the limits of insurability?

The Cyber Rankings Survey will be looking for initiatives that are efficiently structured, well priced and successfully executed, with the recipient being either the individual(s) or team(s) that designed the product or initiative, or those responsible for backing and spearheading the new venture.

The Survey will also be particularly looking for evidence of successful take-up and profitable implementation.

6. Cyber innovation (broking)

This award intends to celebrate the role of brokers as the lifeblood of innovation in the London market. Candidates will be (re)insurance broking teams and/or their managers. The Cyber Rankings Survey will be looking to recognise a broking innovation of the last two years that has broken boundaries in terms of its originality and succeeded in increasing the size and scope of the market by identifying and satisfying emerging customer demand.

Perhaps the initiative has challenged a cosy market status quo or has pushed the limits of insurability, using new thinking to solve intractable problems? We expect the winner that emerges to be an attractively designed, well marketed and successfully executed initiative.

7. Most skilled underwriter 2018

What makes a great and skilful underwriter? The true answer is a rare combination of the arts and science. One of the great advantages of our Cyber Rankings Survey is that it scores market participants on the six key attributes of an underwriter.

This award is therefore intended to honour the best communicators, negotiators and product knowledge gurus, give them the recognition their extraordinary combination of skills deserves.

8. Most skilled broker 2018

We have broken the core competencies of broking into 8 different measurable attributes.

The best in the business will be singled out for praise and recognition as their combination of skills and professional and personal qualities blends together to form an unbeatable cocktail for broking success.

9. Cyber brokerage of the year

The individuals have had their time in the sun, but what of their employers?
By aggregating individual scores at a company level we can provide insight into the firms and teams that are winning today in the London Cyber market.

10. Cyber underwriting firm of the year

Which is the top underwriting shop in town?
To answer this question underwriting houses will be ranked using their constituent parts. Our analysis techniques will single out the winners that stand out from their peer group and make off with the coveted prize.

11. Cyber broker of the year

As the awards reach their climax the unveiling of the Cyber broker of the year will the ultimate broking accolade. We believe it will be regarded as the pinnacle of achievement for any intermediary operating in the cyber class within the London Market.

12. Cyber underwriter of the year

The Best Cyber underwriter in London will be identified in a reliable and irrefutable fashion by our unparalleled Rankings Survey process. The most valuable player in the global Cyber underwriting firmament will be taking the stage to receive their award.

13. Outstanding contributor

In contrast to the other awards, this one will be chosen by a panel of senior Insurance Insider Editorial staff, chaired by our News Editor and Cyber correspondent, Catrin Shi.

The winner will be someone judged to have made an outstanding contribution to the development of the cyber sector over the last year and indeed during the course of their careers..